Anace, So. Calif


I had a female bully boss who gave me PTSD; consequently I left my chosen field never wanting to exposemyself to such abuse ever again. Had I read this book, had it been available ten years ago, I am sure I would have stood up to her and not walked away, giving her so much power and control. This is a MUST read for anyone going into fields where this type of bully boss is common place. Trust me, you NEED this book; if nothing else you need

to use it as a reference in case you come across a bully boss. You need to know what to do to protect yourself. I have bought several copies, since they are so inexpensive, as gifts to my ex co-workers still working for this psychopath. In fact I plan to send a copy to the Bully Boss Herself! It would be great to start a campaign against bully bosses by sending all bully
bosses THE BOOK. Cheers!


The Q.  "Stand Up Teachers" (California)


This Book Gives the Raw Truth About School Districts and How a Teacher Can Survive.

Brenda J. Robinson (Southern California)


I followed this guide and won my case against a bully boss!,